Building Maintenance Checklist Guide for a Clean Area

Is Your Building Well-Maintained?

How can you tell if your building is well-maintained? If ever you consider hiring a building maintenance company to maintain your office, there are some things to look for that would give you an idea of how they do their job. These are the most often-seen signs:

Clean Office Flooring

Your office flooring should be clean and debris-free, especially around the entrance and the stairwell. If you see dust, dirt, and stains, that would indicate that your building needs some cleaning or maintenance. A clean, dust-free environment is vital to keep your workers comfortable and healthy.

Vacuumed Floors

You would expect to see a clean workspace when you enter your office. The floor should be vacuumed regularly to remove the dust, dirt, and any other debris that might be lying around. Good maintenance will help keep your office’s floor clean and safe for your workers.

Dressed-Up Walls

Does your office have attractive walls? While office decor is unnecessary for hiring a company to maintain the building, it would be a good sign that they are doing the job right. Office decorations would also help improve the overall ambiance and make the workers feel more comfortable and at ease.

Safe and Healthy Workplace

This is also one of the signs that your office is well-maintained. You can tell if the entire building is safe for your workers to be inside if there are no safety concerns. If your building has no slips, you can consider the office well-maintained.

If you want to ensure that the maintenance of your office is done the right way in Chicago, IL, check on these signs. If you are looking for a professional building maintenance service, know you can always count on Spotless Maintenance Service. If you want to know more about what else we do, call us at (773) 383-8189.