What You Can Expect from a Janitorial Service

 Janitors are people that look after the cleaning in private businesses and public structures. A person can find work with a private company, being part of a support team in an office building or working for a public service system.

 The general tasks of most janitorial positions are cleaning tasks, such as taking out the trash from waste bins in offices, sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets, and generally  keeping a space in an clean and tidy fashion. In most cases, this individual could also manage climate control functions as well. This includes ensuring a furnace is kept in good working order, handling thermostats, or keeping a boiler in proper repair. Some also maintain plumbing, handling such jobs as hot and cold water, replacing any leaky pipes and faucets, and sometimes replacing the sinks and toilets when required.

Professional janitorial services A janitor that works in a school or a government run building is sometimes known as a custodian. In addition to the basic cleaning duties, they could handle other tasks, like making sure all doors are locked after business hours, and any alarms are set before the building is closed. They could even oversee a cleaning crew, depending on how big a facility is.

 They could work for a specific company or be part of a janitorial service, which is contracted to performing all cleaning and maintenance tasks. Some have a full range of benefits, whilst others work with minimal benefits, and small wages.

 While this individual usually works in the evening, is is not uncommon to come across them in daylight hours. This is true with office buildings, where the cleaners are expected to do their job without disturbing people in their work.

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