What Is the Job of a Building Maintenance Worker?

Observation is one of the main responsibilities of a building maintenance worker. They have to be aware about how the structural and mechanical elements within a building work, sound, look, and perform when they are working correctly, and they must be able to determine any issues when things are faulty. Often, issues cannot be seen with the naked eye, and these experts need to run tests on appliances regularly.

Should problems be detected by this worker, repair work is a vital part of their job. They have to know the basic repair principles on structural elements, including walls and ceilings, electrics, and how to do general woodwork. Anything which is vital to a building working effectively must be fixed immediately by them. Should these problems not be repaired by a building maintenance worker, they will have to call in outside experts to perform the repair.

Preventative maintenance is also a crucial part of their job, which helps a maintenance worker avoid expensive and time consuming repairs. Jobs as minor as painting and as major as cleaning a swimming pool’s filter system will all fall under their job description to keep a building operating smoothly.These workers have to know how often these duties have to be done and then schedule them into a calendar or a reminder system to be done.

Installation is another important part of a maintenance worker’s job, because some building installations cannot be repaired or have to be replaced because of obsolescence. A worker has to understand how to remove old components and replace them with new ones; a complete understanding of electrical and mechanical workings is extremely important. A grasp of blueprints and reading instructions are also important. Research is vital because a worker has to keep abreast of all the latest industrial technology and building materials to be able to install them properly.

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